Scottsdale Soccer Training

AZ Soccer Lab will always be about improving peoples love for the game we know and love ourselves. We want to listen, explain, demonstrate to your child to take their game to the next level. If you want to work on shooting, we can do that. If you want to improve your defensive ability, we can do that too. Our drills are all designed individually to maximize touches on the ball and gain confidence in areas you might be struggling. We offer Scottsdale soccer training for experts and beginners. Because of our small group and private training model, we get your child maximum touches on the ball which is the key to going to the next level as a player. We are building an indoor soccer facility and training centre in Scottsdale. The facility with have A/C, beautiful turf that will create an incredible environment for your child to improve. 

All our drills at AZ Soccer Lab follow a pretty simple pattern and hit core concepts we believe will make a great soccer player and incredible learning experience;  

— Improving agility and soccer like movements. Learning how to move on the field is becoming more and more important in todays extremely athletic game.  

— Gaining as many good touches on a soccer ball as we can within the one hour period– Providing a fun and relaxed environment to help your soccer player gain confidence and excel to the best of their ability.  

— We work with kids of all ages and abilities. Our main goal is to encourage kids to continue to learn the game they love and take them where they want to go. We want to listen and understand what you are looking to gain by being out on the fields with us.  

 AZ Soccer Lab was formed to be different. We’ve both been involved in the local club game for a long time. Clubs like Phoenix Rising Youth and SC Del Sol offer a ton of value. We believe it takes a village to create a soccer player. With our positive coaching, your kid will learn the game while improving as a person. 


Soccer Training options – What do we offer?

Private Soccer Training


We offer personal, one on one training options in Scottsdale, AZ. We work in sessions for 1 hour to hit our core improvement areas. We focus on agility, speed, techniques and plenty of repetitions. The more you practice, the easier it gets. If you want to improve shooting, we can do that. If you just want extra touches on the ball to keep you sharp throughout the season, then we can help. All our sessions follow a model developed by our coaches and trainers that focus on maximum improvement to your soccer abilities.


Small Group Trainings – Fridays & Sundays

We offer two main small group soccer trainings throughout the entire year. On Fridays, we offer two separate hour long training (430pm-530pm and 6.00pm-7.00pm) options with focus on forward/attacking play. A lot of our techniques will go towards goal.

Our Sundays, we will offer 1 x 2-hour group soccer training session (between 9am and 11am) that will broken into 3 “Station” style sessions with 1 coach on each station. You’ll get access to ~30 mins with each coach with a focus topic. These will be highly technical.

Because of our “small group” rule, we will only allow for max groups of 24 (8 per coach) which allows us to split our groups based upon age & ability. There will be a different range  of ages and abilities attending but that will be nullified by our ability to break into 3 separate age & ability appropriate groups. When you are challenged and engaged in small groups of similar levels, the kids will get maximum improvement. Also, having a maximum group of 8 per coach allows you to get the full attention you need to get better.

All of our small group sessions will be based around our private training model. With focus on good touches on the ball and maximum good repetitions of each skill/technique. Its something we can offer that is different to your club training model.

Our video below explains:



Why we started

“When we started out with this venture, it was unclear what path we were headed down. After two years of teaching, listening and watching to parents and kids around Scottsdale, it’s clear we offer tremendous value to help you with your game. Give us a try and you won’t regret it”




Co-founder Phil Jackson