Private Training




At AZ Soccer Lab are club neutral, supplemental trainers. We offer both private  (1-on-1), semi private and small group training sessions tailored to each players individual needs. During every one of our sessions, our role is to get good touches on the ball. Which translates to efficient players on the field. Each session is specifically designed based upon age, ability and position. If you have a goal, we can help you get there. If not, we will help set goals and benchmarks to aspire too. Our sessions are designed to mentally stimulate and challenge our players to replicate game like scenarios. 

Private Training

AZSL can benefit you in ways that no team training can. Private training or semi private soccer training allows you to narrow down areas of need and can help sharpen your skills and techniques. We create individualized plans based on your desired needs. Smaller training groups will maximize your touches and increase coaching points to perfect each individual technique. Repetition of the incorrect form can create bad habits that are hard to break.

At the Lab, we make sure each skill is performed correctly with incredible attention to detail. Are you a goalscorer who want to improve the power of your strike? We can help. Maybe you are a midfielder, who wants to unlock the master pass on a more consistent basis, we have a drill for you. What about our defenders out there… we know you want to shut down your opponents on a weekly basis, AZ Soccer Lab is the place for you.

You can book our “$99 NEW PLAYER ASSESSMENT” using the other link or simply book your first session below.

Getting Started?

If you like what you are reading and seeing, we would love to get you out to see exactly what we are all about. Just simply fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you. Or, you can email us at [email protected] Looking forward unleashing your players full potential.

We do offer a full $99 Player Assessment which includes:

  • 1 hour session w/ Coach @ our new indoor training facility
  • Feedback – Including phone call next day to let you know what we saw
  • Advice on type of training we recommend for next steps
  • FREE Group session on Friday (Shooting) or Sundays (2 hour skills)

Be sure to check out some of our videos below or visit our social media channels where you will find examples of our sessions.